Brown Bag Lessons

Brown Bag Lessons, The Magic of Bullet Writing 


What leader in any organization hasn't sat back and internally screamed, "there has to be a better way!" Reader beware, there is a better way. What I inherently knew as a member of US Navy E-7 through E-9 selection boards, CMSgt Eric R. Jaren has captured in a systematic process useful for every level of leadership. The consistency in the approach embodies reflective, thoughtful consideration to capture the truth and proper context of every person's accomplishments. The use of performance levels is not confined to any specific military service. Indeed, it's universal in application in any business and culture. The addition of this model into company grade officers (CGO) and senior noncommissioned officers (NCO) combined curriculum underpins the operational and long-term strategic importance for the force.

This model was implemented into the Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy (SNCOA) and CGO curriculum as a "best practice" for meeting the responsibility to mentor institutional competencies directly impacting the careers of the team. Feedback from students, scholar-warriors, substantiates the model. The model provides unadulterated feedback in mentoring, and maintains integrity with promotion and award processes. From this, leadership, followership, and the core doctrine of developing Airmen is assured. No other presentation media in 33 days of curriculum is asked for by more students to take back for use in operational units.


                      DON ALEXANDER        
                      Command Master Chief, USN, retired
                      Director of Curriculum
                      Air Force SNCOA