Brown Bag Lessons, The Magic of Bullet Writing 

Brown Bag Lessons Part II, The Magic of Bullet Writing shares a successful technique that guarantees an immediate improvement in bullet writing -- a must for all military supervisors. Are you ready for the magic? Whether you are an accomplished writer or novice, you will see the merit.

In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus asked Neo to choose the blue pill or the red pill. Most of us would select the blue pill when it comes to writing. Trust me; the wool has been pulled over our eyes through repetitive bad habit. Reading the next three chapters is like taking the red pill. Your eyes will be opened to the world of writing in a whole new way. Once you know the truth you will see everything differently afterwards, just like the in movie.

However, just seeing the truth is not enough. After seeing the Matrix for what it was, Neo had to relearn everything about life. So, the trick is to not just see anew, but to learn anew.

This book includes numerous writing tips, but the premise of the book is to teach a technique called the “magic.” The best part—you will apply the magic in the remaining chapters. It’s time to enter the rabbit hole.




This book doesn’t teach how to write a bullet. It teaches how to write a powerful bullet. It unlocks a secret that has benefited thousands. And now I trust that it will benefit you. Whether you are an accomplished writer or a novice, you will see the merit in these techniques. Are you ready for the magic?

Brown Bag Lessons